With the Updater (an userscript http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Userscript), you can very easily update your ingame statistics to your family, if you're not able to install userscripts yet, please skip to download a (new) browser and/or the essential extensions

The current version of the Updater is: 2.3.5 (Last updated: the 5th of June 2020)
Download Updater
(If this brings up plain text for you, the extension probably failed)

This Updater is now compatible with both .NL as .COM! The English, Dutch, Turkish and the Portuguese language is supported (as ingame language) More info at #D-BoT

Userscripts can be installed on the next major browsers. Restart your (new) browser after installing an extension and then try to install the Updater. If you can't figure out how to install the Updater, please use Google/YouTube or contact someone in your top or in #d-bot

  • Firefox


    Userscripts on Firefox can be run with Greasemonkey, we program, test and use the Updater this way, that's why we'll recommend you this option


  • Chrome


    Unfortunately Greasemonkey is only available on Firefox. Although there is an equivalent for Chrome users called Tampermonkey


  • Safari


    The equivalent of Greasemonkey for Safari was Creammonkey which now became GreaseKit, note that GreaseKit will only work for Safari on an actual iOS device


  • Opera


    From version 8 onwards support for userscripts has been built into the basic functioning of the Opera browser.
    Although they stopped with this support at version 20, but you can install an extension to be able to use Google extensions, yay! Chrome extensions