Frequently Asked Questions

Hi there,

Here is some basic information on [D-BoT] and all the questions we get so often.

If you're completely new to IRC and all it's features with Omerta visit their official Wiki, if you have no IRC Client (a must have in the life of the gangster) we recommend you use their 'Setup Guides' for mIRC or TraScript.

  • Can I have a [D-BoT] in my private channel?

    No, generally our bot is only meant to be used by families, making their lives a little bit easier. Although if you think you really need one and have a pretty crowded private channel just for fun, we'll see what we can do.

  • Can I request a [D-BoT] for my family?

    We aren't fan of some kind of shabby request system, so just join us in #D-BoT and we'll give you one. Keep in mind [D-BoT] only supports the languages Dutch & English and statistics for the versions .nl, .com and .dm.
    If your family channel is still entirely empty don't be surprised to hear to come back when you're up or found some folks.

  • How can I access your War-BoT/[D-War]?

    If you haven't got a [D-BoT] yet, please see the question above here. Or if you are already using [D-BoT] for your family, you can activate the warbot 24 hours / 7 days a week in the "War BoT" tab in your family system.

  • Help! My updater doesn't work!

    Please contact the top of your family about these problems, a lot of these problems have to do with misconfiguration. If the problem is systematic they will contact us.
    We can't help you with incorrect usernames/passwords!

  • I found a typo, bug, whatever that is evil and should burn!

    These things just tend to happen. Every single day.. Please visit us in #d-bot and we'll solve it. Bbird will give you a cookie.

  • Are you expanding to other versions?

    No, and we have no plans doing so.

  • Can you help me with my bot?

    Yes, we can! Click here
    If you're looking for basic IRC help please visit #feds.scripting

  • My question isn't here

    Thank God there is some variety, #d-bot for all your other questions and problems.
    See our contact page if you don't have IRC