We can be found @ #D-BoT

    Port: 6667

    Or press here for an online chat in #D-BoT (Online Mibbit IRC client)

The Operators

The official operators
  • Dherder
  • Bbird
  • Maor
  • Death
  • madbull
  • Brainscrewer

The Channels

General IRC problems can be asked in the official Omerta IRC help channel #Help.irc

And script problems can be asked in #Feds.scripting

Official channels of [D-BoT Scripting]
  • #D-BoT

    Here you can request a bot for your own family, you're also welcome for general questions and/or any suggestions, surprise us!

  •, &

    Lots of statistics get dropped here, useful when you want to keep your eyes on other families activities

  • #D-BoT.moc & #D-BoT.oc

    The channels for your (mega) organized crimes. Good luck!


    Click here
    for more information

    This channel may become handy if you're a developer yourself and need reports
    Keep the copyright and you can copy an entire arsenal of different reports [be afraid Excess Flood]

The bots

The official bots belonging to [D-BoT Scripting]
  • [D-b0t], [D-BoT] & D-BoT

    General bots you see in every channel, they have the omerta, hulp & fun commands. Multiple because one is limited to 60 channels.

  • [D-Stats]

    Stats bot! This bot registrates all the changes in the game and spams them in (during wars sometimes even up to 40 lines per update) for the other bots, taking away a lot of extra load. Normal users won't be dealing with this bot.

  • [D-War]

    Thé War bot underneath the war bots! Can handle multiple wars at the same time, always available to the ones in need.
    Oh and random anti-idle, don't try to be the smartass!

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