Warbot commands

  • Leganda statuses
    There are 5 different statuses for every target, it's a "one way street" to keep it clean and simple
    Found [NY]
    Found [PAL] [SH]
    Shot at [#2]
    Has shot [#3]
    Hover over them to see a detailed history per target (only possible at warbot page)
!loginGet a link to login on the warbot
!comment (ingame) (comment)Add a sticky note to a target
!assign (ingame) (shooter(s))Assign shooter(s) to a target
!backup (ingame) (shooter(s))Assign backup(s) to a target
!unassign (ingame) (shooter(s))Delete shooter(s) as assigned
!unbackup (ingame) (shooter(s))Delete backup(s) as assigned
!found (ingame) (city)Mark someone as found in the entered city
!travelled (ingame)Mark someone as travelled
!safehouse (ingame)Mark someone as in safehouse
!death (ingame)Manually mark someone as death (this should update automaticly)
!holiday (ingame)Mark someone as in holiday mode
!safelist (ingame)Put someone on the safelist
!ontime (ingame)Activity information of ingame
!pos (ingame)Rank position of ingame (http://trabot.net/) [Unlike TraBoT, we may not log this]
!lastseen (ingame)Last online (seen by our logger)
!userinfo (ingame)General information about ingame
!hl (amount of minutes) [message]Hightlights you after entered amount of minutes with optional message
!hl (time; e.g. 23:00) [message]Hightlights you at chosen time of the day
!shcalc time (time in mintues)Information about amount of money it will costs you for entered amount of time
!shcalc money (money in dollars)Information about amount of time you get for entered amount of money
!get (nick)Invite nick to IRC channel
!clear (ingame)Reset/Clear a target (e.g. accidently marked death etc.)
!version nl/com/dmIf for some reason the version of the war is misconfigured
!online on/offTurn online updates on or off