Organised crime commands

rdy / ready / !rdyThis should automaticly know which job you entered and mark you ready
!rdy (ingame)Manually mark someone or yourself ready if the automatic way doesn't work
!countdownCountdown from 5 to 0 (go), might be a little bit laggy
!calc (profit)Use this if you don't trust the omerta calculator :s (car values should have been entered)
!resetResets the (m)oc channel to make it ready for a new organised crime
!city (city)Fills in city
!le (ingame)Fills in leader
!we (ingame)Fills in weapon expert, automaticly uses a free spot in #d-bot.moc
!we1 (ingame)Fills in first weapon expert
!we2 (ingame)Fills in second weapon expert
!we3 (ingame)Fills in third weapon expert
!dr (ingame) [car value]Fills in driver, automaticly uses a free spot in #d-bot.moc
!dr1 (ingame) [car value]Fills in first driver
!dr2 (ingame) [car value]Fills in second driver
!dr3 (ingame) [car value]Fills in third driver
!ee (ingame)Fills in explosive expert
!listShows a list of all the assigned jobs