General info commands

!userinfo (ingame)General information about ingame
!history (ingame)Family history of ingame
!ontime (ingame)Activity information of ingame
!pos (ingame)Rank position of ingame
!lastseen (ingame)Last online
!rankspeed (ingame)Rankspeed of ingame
!cokeCoke prizes (All Drugs and Booze abbreviation can be used)
Above commands can be appended with a version (.nl, .com and .dm) e.g. ! Momo or ! (Even if channel version is set otherwise)

!tvgids[Only .NL] TV Guide now & later
!films[Only .NL] All the movies of today on TV
!hl (amount of minutes) [message]Hightlights you after entered amount of minutes with optional message
!hl (time; e.g. 23:00) [message]Hightlights you at chosen time of the day
!sh time (time in mintues)Information about amount of money it will costs you for entered amount of time
!sh money (money in dollars)Information about amount of time you get for entered amount of money
!crush (number of cars)Average amount of bullets
!ship (city) (city)Amount of time it takes to ship a car from city to city
!rank (rank)Information about the rank

Abbreviations cities: LV (Las Vegas), CHI (Chicago), DET (Detroit), NY (New York), PHI (Philadelphia), BAL (Baltimore), COR (Corleone) and PAL (Palermo)
Abbreviations ranks: ES, DB/DG, PIC, SHOP, PP, THIEF, ASSO, LC, CHIEF, BRUG, CD, GF/FL