Help us, help you

We're providing an API to minimize server load. So help us, help you.
To regulate both systems a little bit, you need permission for and an API key for the API, visit us in #D-BoT to get both.


In you can copy reports, in this channel [D-Stats] is spamming, a lot. Every change worth mentioning in the game is brought to you here, to give you some documentation on all the different reports, click below.
Just use a simple on text with an tokenize on 124 to very simply copy these reports (don't forget some copyrights)

API Statistics

The API provides a more reliable environment where there are more statistics available for your bot.
An API link looks like /api/api.php?key=[API key here]&version=[Version here]&sort=[Sort here]&info=[Info here]

The following sort's are available for now
  • Ingame

    Where info should be an ingame

  • HR

    Where info should be (a) family name(s) (e.g. Family1,Family2)

  • RS

    Where info should be an ingame
    (To use this one you should use a different approach (code wise))

If you have any further questions (or if one of these systems contains a bug/typo of some sort) visit us