Welcome to [ D-BoT Scripting ] 2.0

Hi there, long time no see! After being gone for a long time, [D-BoT] is back as an English bot and now supports the international versions (.com and .dm) next to the .nl version of Omerta.

On this website you will find all the basic information about [D-BoT] you need, for example the commands, some handy information about IRC, some basic statistics of the game and information on how to contact us.


Join our journey with [D-BoT], which now provides all kinds of new features for your family!

[D-BoT] 2.0

[D-BoT] has been entirely rebuild and has some awesome new features, sit back and relax or press right key

  • Update system for ingame member stats
  • IRC Updates from your ingame family
  • Shitload of commands for ingame statistics
  • An advanced War-BoT ready for you 24/7

Just visit us in #D-BoT and we're happy to provide your family with our bot.